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March 8, 2019

Oh, San Francisco! There are SO many amazing locations here. My studio is in Cow Hollow (where we live as well) in the northern part of the city, so I’m already close to some awesome places and landmarks. Pretty much anywhere here is going to make a cool backdrop for your portrait session, but I absolutely have my favorites! Today, I’m going to share some of those with you! 🙂

Runner’s Up – Not quite top 5 but close! 🙂 These locations are tried and true and represent some golden spots of San Francisco for sure!

Now for my favorites!

5. Crissy Field

You might be surprised that Crissy Field isn’t higher on the list. After all, it has the bridge, beautiful beaches and lovely buildings. It is totally spectacular. The reason I keep it at number 5 is that depending on the time of year, it can be crowded and also quite windy. Because of where it’s located, Crissy Field is perfect for later afternoon, early evenings shoots.

4. Legion of Honor

More people should know about the Legion! Located in the middle of the Presidio, it has amazing architecture, beautiful grass, and at the right time of day you can get a peek at the Golden Gate bridge. It’s classic and stately, and a true San Francisco landmark with less crowds. This location is good for morning or late afternoon/evening.

3. The SF Botanical Gardens

This place is one of my favorites! It’s like 10 different locations in one place. There are gorgeous trees, flowers, a Japanese moon garden, redwoods, bridge covered ponds and more. This location is perfect during the morning or evening, and because of the tree cover can even work during the middle of the day which is rare.

2. Baker Beach

Baker Beach is probably my #1 most requested location. It’s Crissy Field’s sister, and offers some goregous views of the other side of the bridge. It’s most beautiful just before the sun dips behind the hillside in the evenings, but a cloudy day with some sun coverage is pretty great too. If you want a beach location with some bridge on the side, this is a great option. WARNING: Baker Beach is also an unofficial nude beach of San Francisco. You may share your portraits with a naked person. 🙂

  1. Cavallo Point

My #1! Just on the other side of the bridge in Sausalito is Cavallo Point. Parents with little people are probably familiar with the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and this park is the grounds that surround it. So why do I love it? It has everything! Yet another vantage point of the bridge, a marina, rocks overlooking the city, bluffs overlooking the bridge and bay, and in certain times of the year big, grassy meadows to run in. It’s expansive as well, so it’s rarely too crowded with easy parking, and we can shoot here almost anytime of the day. I heart Cavallo!


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