A Boy & His Dog Part Two | San Francisco Newborn & Dog Photographer

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE dogs??

I mean, I sincerely can’t walk by a dog on the street without stopping to talk/pet them. Sadly, with our work and travel schedule we can’t have one of our own here in the city, but my BEST days are when I get to baby wrangle a beautiful newborn AND they bring in their fur siblings. For real you guys, the studio is totally dog friendly! So I was super excited when Rocky came in for his newborn shoot and brought his incredibly well behaved sister Leia with him. BLISS!

Not only was Rocky the most chill, smiley baby I’ve had in a while, Leia was the sweetest Boxer big sister ever. I had Boxers going up and they are just the best family dogs ever. I was in pure heaven and their gallery is seriously on of my favorites!

Have a pup that you’d like to include in your session?? I’m your girl! Drop me a note and let’s plan your session!


Levi Plaza Magic + One Amazing Family | San Francisco Family Photographer

Looking for a new, magical location for family portraits in San Francisco. We hit the jackpot with Levi Plaza!

Every fall I get slammed with family portrait madness. And I LOVE it! I love getting to see families year after year as they grow and change. It’s my highlight of every season. But I also like to mix it up and find new hidden treasures in the city to use for location. This day, this awesome family was brave enough to trust my vision and try out the park at Levi Plaza for their session.

It. Was. Awesome! Rolling green hills, water features, beautiful colors, brick buildings, and bridges abound in a small, uncrowded park. On the weekends there is hardly anyone around and it’s truly magical. Add in a dynamic, super fun family and it’s family portrait gold! Winning!

If you’re looking for a new location for your family portraits, give Levi Plaza a look and let’s document this moment in time.


A Family of Boys | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

What a LUCKY Mama!

I’ve said it a million times, but my very favorite thing is when families of newborns that I’ve photographed come back to me when they add to their family. When I originally met this awesome crew, they were living out in Pacifica and I drive to their home to photograph their first handsome boy. When baby boy number two arrived, they had relocated back to San Francisco and came out to see my at the studio.

Baby bro was a dream! Slept like a champ and was so content. Big brother did SO great holding his brother and smiling for family shots. I was seriously impressed. Mom and Dad were chill the first go around and this time you can tell they just no what they’re doing. I enjoy every time I get to work with these guys, and this session was no different.

Enjoy a peek of one of my favorite families!


Baby Sister Smile | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

Sweet Olivia! A few years back I got to meet her parents when they came in with her proud big brother Max, and then again for Max’s big 0-1 celebration. So I was really excited to see him be promoted to big brother and meet this little sweetie. First of all, Max is totally in love with her and it was the cutest thing ever! Look at him snuggle here! Second, Olivia is just pure perfection! She slept like a champ, gave us smiles and was such a good girl for all of her setups. It was just a lovely way to spend a morning.

Enjoy Ms. Olivia and her awesome big brother Max! Swoon! :)


Baby Girl Makes Four | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This is one of my favorite families EVER!! I met Mom and Dad at their maternity session at Ghirardelli Square for big sister Harper and I knew immediately they were super cool. Calm, collected, and not at all overwhelmed with impending parenthood. Harper was GOLDEN at her newborn session, and some of those photos are still on the walls of my studio. So I was stoked when I heard another baby girl was arriving and I was going to get to document it again.

Baby Lou was not a disappointment. Those cheeks! Those thighs! She was just the cutest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. And she was SUCH a great sleeper too! We had to coax Harper a little bit to be in a few shots with her, but the results were just so sweet. I can’t wait to watch these two ladies grow up together and watch this family create these amazing memories.

Enjoy some peeks of some of my favorite peeps!


Ada & Her New Baby Brother | San Francisco Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I first met Ms Ada at her newborn session a few years back. He parents are super cool and relaxed, and we had an awesome time hanging together. So I was super excited when I got that call that her sweet baby brother was on his way AND they had bought an awesome new house in the Sunset that they wanted to shoot at. Win/win!

So, Ada totally stole the show. I’m not going to lie. She was super out going and smiley, and while she didn’t want a whole lot to do with her brother, she was really intrigued by my camera! We got some super cute shots of her while her brother was eating and getting settled. While posed newborn sessions are always some of my favorites, one of the things I LOVE about lifestyle is that it’s truly the snapshot of your life at this time. The photo of Mom and Dad laughing because their baby was wailing? That was their reality and they LOVED that photo because it captured it.

Life is messy and it’s fun sometimes to get to document ALL the aspects of it at your session! Enjoy a cute peek at this lovely new family of four!


Hunter Turns 1 | San Francisco Cake Smash Photographer

Oh, Hunter. I could seriously not love you more! Hunter’s parents were gifted a gift certificate for a maternity session with me by a friend. Despite being initiailly nervous about it, we ended up having so much fun (and the pictures were GORGEOUS) that they booked the baby plan to document this amazing baby boy’s whole first year. This was our last session and we made it a cake smash with the WHOLE family. Including the dog. Which, in case you didn’t know, is like my best day ever! Seriously, bring your dog to the studio and make me happy!!!

Well….it’s turns out our star doesn’t like cake. Or getting dirty. HA! No worries….fur sister to the rescue! She played cleanup and all was well!

Happy first year around the sun Hunter! You will totally change the world and I can’t wait to watch you grow!!


A Boy and his Dog - San Francisco Newborn Photographer

I met baby Jackson at his parents' beautiful townhome in SOMA.  Immediately upon entering I had the please of meeting his fur big sister Maddie and it was love at first sight.  In between Jackson's feedings and soothing, I got some Maddie love and it made my whole day.  What a lucky little dude to have a built-in best friend right off the bat!  Their home was filled with the most beautiful light and Jackson was a super chill baby.  I LOVED their entire gallery.  

If you have a fur baby please include them in these special pics!  My best days are when I get to snuggle babies and pups!  :)  

Thanks for hanging out with me Jackson!


A new baby girl for the new year - San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This sweet girl!  This was probably the smiliest baby I think I have ever had in the studio.  She arrived just to help her parents celebrate the Jewish New Year (hence the cute honey and apples) and was SO good the entire time we were shooting.  And that beautiful white sweater she's wearing?  It was handmade by her great-grandmother and BOTH her grandfather and Dad wore it when they were babies.  I LOVE when parents bring in things that have such great sentimental value! They're going to have so much fun with her.  :)  

Welcome Baby Brina!