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This sweet girl was perfection at her Twin Peaks home.

This handsome boy is so loved by his big sisters in Woodside, CA.

Jackson and his fur big sister were a dynamic duo at their light filled San Francisco apartment.




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Newborns are totally my jam!  Check out some of my favorite sessions below, and an entire gallery of cuteness further down.  this time is so fleeting!  Don't forget to capture it.

Special Note: having a baby is a big deal!   Having a baby in a pandemic is scary. But you still deserve to have those photos of your new little human to cherish down the line.  What am i doing to keep you safe?  Glad you asked!

1. Sessions are done in your home
2. I wear a new pair of gloves for every session.  when I'm not in gloves, I WILL BE WASHING MY hands and using hand sanitizer. 
3.I will be masked the entire time I am in your home.
4. All props (blankets, wraps, lovies, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized between every session.
5. I am only taking 1 newborn per week to make sure I limit exposure to germs.

I know it's a BIZARRE time in our lives right now, but I will be doing everything possible to keep you safe on my end!


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